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Public relations and corporate communication

We provide integrated public relations and corporate communications services, combining media, social media and general public communications.

We develop a PR strategy as an ongoing part of the client's business strategy. Starting with the question "Why do I need this?", we help the client to clarify their communication needs, the results they want to achieve, and set clear strategic objectives.

We help to identify the right audiences, channels, image advocates and intensity of communication. We develop and implement a communication action plan in close cooperation with the client's team.

We help you manage communication crises, develop a detailed crisis management plan and implement it. We act as an external communications manager where necessary, representing the client in the public sphere and commenting to the media on behalf of the client.

  • Analysis of the communication environment in public space
  • Public relations strategy
  • Public relations tactical plan and its implementation
  • Communication crisis management and change communication
  • Media relations
  • Relations with opinion leaders
  • Media communication training
  • Communication with interest groups
  • Socially responsible activities
  • Žiniasklaidos stebėsena
  • Media monitoring